Have you ever wished for a clean house without having to lift a cleaning rag yourself? With busy lives and no time to clean, those household cleaning chores get pushed further down on your list of priorities. Achieving your wish of a clean home isn’t impossible; by hiring Priehl Cleaning we can make your wish come true!

Priehl Cleaning provides you with a detailed checklist of areas cleaned so you know exactly what to expect.  We are a reliable and experienced company that has built our great reputation by providing quality professional service.

Is it safe to have a cleaner in my house?

We understand how you are feeling. Anxious about having a stranger in your home, yet aching to have an extra hand. There are the best-practices we are following to help give you confidence, strengh and relief.

Personal Protective Equipment

All our Keepers have gloves, masks and hand sanitizer

Practice Social Distancing

Even if you have to be home, we'll make sure we keep our distance.

Daily Health Checks

Every morning technicians submit temperature and health checks.

Disinfect and



Whether it's yours or ours, we'll make sure we disinfect high-touch surfaces.

Extra Training

We've added infection control and contamination control training.

Generous Leave Policies

We have a clear and generous sick leave policy.

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