Deep-Clean Package

Includes all of the CLEANLIST plus the following: 

·         Lamps and lampshades dusted or vacuumed w/attachment

· Top of refrigerator wiped

·          Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed

·          Wastebaskets emptied/cleaned/relined

·         Blinds and shutters hand cleaned

·          Moldings, window sills, and lock ledges hand cleaned

·         Doors and door frames hand cleaned

·         Pictures and knick knacks hand cleaned

·         Cabinets washed and polished from top to bottom

·          Light switch plates cleaned

·         Woodwork on stairs hand cleaned

·          Lower air return vents vacuumed

·         Baseboards (hand washed or wiped, reachable w/out moving furniture)

·    Carpet edges (vacuum crevices)

Special attention to heavy dust build-up

   Special attention to build-up in kitchen



Kitchen, Bathrooms and Floors Package

We will clean kitchen(s) and bathroom(s) from top to bottom and all floors throughout the home. Our detailed list includes the following:


  • Clean top of refrigerator

  • Clean stovetop

  • Clean inside and out of microwave

  • Clean and sanitize countertop(s)

  • Clean outside of small appliances

  • Clean outside the refrigerator,  dishwasher, oven, and trash compactor


  • Scrub  tiles, grout soap scum in tub and showers and remove mold/mildew

  • Clean and sanitize the toilet(s)s from top to bottom

  • Polish/shine fixtures

  • Clean glass in shower area and mirror(s)s

  • Clean and sanitize countertop(s)

  • Clean spots of toothpaste or smudges on cabinet(s)

  • Empty trash and sanitize trash can(s)


      Carpeting is vacuumed; tile is swept, vacuumed and mopped. We sweep, mop hard wood and laminate flooring.

Dining Area

  • Clean Dining Table

  • Clean Chair Arms and Seats

  • Vaccum Carpet

  • Sweep, Vacuum and Mop Tile

  • Shmop Hardwood


  • Clean and sanitize toilets

  • Clean and sanitize countertops

  • Clean mirrors

  • Empty Trash


Guest Rooms

  • Change Lines on Beds (if extra set out)

  • Empty Trash




                        Priehl Cleaning “CLEANLIST”


  • Clean and sanitize showers, tubs and toilets

  • Clean mirrors, countertops, and outside of cabinets

  • Polish chrome/brass

  • Sweep, vacuum and/or mop floors.


  • Clean and sanitize sink

  • Clean countertops

  • Clean exterior of all major appliances

  • Clean inside and out of microwave

  • Clean stovetop.

All Rooms

  • Dust from top to bottom including air ducts, ceiling fans, mini blinds, window sills, baseboards

  • Dust and polish furniture

  • Sweep, vacuum and/or mop floors

  • Woodwork on stairs dusted

  • Change bed linens when an extra set is placed out and place soiled sheets in laundry room

  • Clean light switches and door knobs

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Empty Trash.


Please note this is a cleaning service, organization services are not provided.

Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly Cleaning Package

Keep up and maintain everything under “Initial Cleaning”. Everything listed will not have to be done at every weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Maintain as needed.

*For the safely of our employees we use step stools to get to hard to reach areas. We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will be dusted with an extension duster.

*We will not move furniture although we will try to reach visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

*Excessive build-up on blinds may require professional ultra-sonic mini-blind cleaning.